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Friday, October 20, 2017 12:02:27 AM

North by northwest review essays The movie North by Northwest is a very traditional action suspense movie. It is filled with murder, mystery and edge of your seat thrill. The film poseses a certain “I’ve been framed” feel to it. The costumes of the movie are civilized. Nothing really special about them but they work well. It is mostly suit and ties but that is the type of attire that would most fit that time period and social status. All of the criminals are also well dressed, which I thought gave the extra fear. The sets for the movie were elegant, and beautiful. Nothing of the dirty city or bad visuals. The desert scene with the topic for writing essay Leysin American School was my favorite, and the train scene was also well setted. The hotels and city life were also beutiful and well lit. Characterization was well, but could probably be better. The criminals could have been more fearful and custom essays uk review ea logging in washington state looking. The two main characters were very well played and casted. I also noticed that there were also a lot of extras and police in the movie. The overall movie was good. I have heard that it is a classic and many people have seen Chapter II: Review of Literature essay writers. I can see why because of the good acting and suspense. It represents a basic fear for many people; being framed for murder. The main character was played also as extreamly intelligent which I though was a good decision for the director. I would reccomend this movie to others because of the overall suspense. Custom essays uk review ea logging in washington state is the main reason for watching the movie, and the characters and fear are also highly regarded.

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