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Thursday, October 26, 2017 5:36:25 AM

Air traffic controller essays Air Traffic Controller Talk about total and utter confusion, the job of an air traffic controller is probably one of the most stressful that you could come up with. All at once you’re reading blips, talking to pilots, and organizing an entire air space. Next to safety, the management similarities between animal farm book and movie the flow of planes in and out of an airport is the airport’s main concern. The job of an air traffic controller is just that. I find that an air traffic controller manages the traffic between airports. Their daily agenda consists mainly of keeping track of planes on radar screens. The planes appear as little blips on the screen. An air traffic controller manages many different planes, at once. They can also tell planes when they need to change their altitude. Other tasks include relaying data between planes and tower controllers, assigning flight paths in case of bad weather, authorizing landings and takeoffs, and keeping daily activity logs. Most positions involve working forty hours a week, working indoors, and they have a high level of social interaction. The wages of an air traffic controller are very rewarding. The starting wage in Washington is around $6,000 a month. Half of all air traffic controllers in Washington State earn between $7,000 and $10,500 dollars per month. This is approximately forty to sixty dollars an hour. The national average yearly wage is $91,600. There are also other benefits of being an air traffic controller like having health insurance, paid vacations, sick leave, and retirement pay. The first concluding a persuasive essay The Windsor School in becoming an air traffic controller is passing an exam, which works as a selection process. It measures your ability to learn the skills of an air traffic controller’s job. The second step is to complete abraham ask and it is given seven-month training session at the FAA academy, the Federal Aviation Administration academy. The third step is custom writing website for college the job training. Throughout this time you would gain valuable work experience, complete m.

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