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Overclocking computers essays d take a whole cycle just to put information into storage, and one cycle to get it out. But with DDR technology, information can be stored and retrieved in a single cycle - in the positive and negative side of the clock cycle. It retrieves information in the same cycle that it's storing other information, becoming twice as efficient. Both processors buy essay online cheap growing up latina in america memory run in "DDR mode." And DDR RAM has become the new standard for home use. IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of this technology, the bandwidth of the memory is effectively doubled. This is you can only take so much you get the 266, 333, 400, and higher mhz ratings advertised on CPUs, memory, and motherboards. The 133mhz FSB has now become 266mhz thanks to DDR (133mhz * 2 = 266mhz). 166mhz is now 333mhz, and 200mhz is now 400mhz. Technically, the FSB of a 266mhz CPU or DDR RAM module is still only 133mhz, but because twice as much information is being transfered with the same clock speed of 133mhz, it can theoretically be called 266mhz, and it is. So if you see some DDR memory with a FSB of 400mhz, divide that by 2 to get the actual running FSB speed. So when people talk about FSB OCing, they'll usually refer to the actual speed before the DDR. That is why you'll hear people say "I OCed my FSB from 166 buy essay online cheap growing up latina in america 187" or something to that effect. With DDR technology, this would actually mean "333 title page for research paper mla format 374." That's important to understand. NOTE: When referring to DDR memory, these numbers university of lyon iii intranet used: PC1600 = DDR 200mhz PC2100 = DDR 266mhz PC2700 = DDR 333mhz PC3000 = DDR 370mhz PC3200 = DDR 400mhz PC3500 = DDR 433mhz PC3700 = DDR 466mhz Why is it possible to overclock? The reason you can only take so much is possible to OC most microchips is because the labeled speed of the title page for research paper mla format is not necessarily the only speed attainable by it. When microchips come off of the factory line, they are not all equal. To prevent mass confusion and unnecessary complication, microchip producers find the best speed that those chips can operate eff.

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