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Wednesday, November 01, 2017 8:46:00 PM

1984 & brave new world comparison essays A society of painless freedom has always been wanted. It has even been sought after by the leaders of nations such as Adolf Hitler. Two authors, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, wrote of these ideal societies in their works Brave New World and 1984. These two books had many similarities, but we will only discuss the following three: They both illustrated a ielts essay writing vocabulary list society, they both had protagonists who disliked the utopian government, and they both teach the same invaluable lesson. A utopia is a place of ideal perfection, especially in laws government and social conditions. In essence it is a perfect world. But can any world ever be perfect? Just like can any man be perfect? Or can any machine be perfect? There will always be malfunctions, no system ever comes without glitches, a human will always popular personal essay ghostwriting sites for university a sinner, and a perfect world will always buy essay online cheap human indentity people who do not live up to social expectations. In 1984 the government, Big Brother, brainwashed people to get them to act accordingly. They used ways such as the "reintegration" process as well as the "doublethink" method which is holding two thoughts in juxtaposition such as "war is peace; freedom is slavery; fairness is strength." (Orwell 17). In Brave New World the government raised people from larva to adult. No one had parents because there was no reproduction by humans, the humans were raised in the laboratory. They were then put into classes, Alphas down to Epilsons. It was their caste system, such as our upper, middle, and lower class. But there was no way they could leave their class system in the utopian society. The Alphas ran the nation and the Epilsons, ". . don't need human intelligence."(Huxley 15). Just like no world could be perfect, the protagonist of each novel ielts essay writing vocabulary list not live in these "perfect" worlds. Orwell's Winston Smith was a rebel for the reason that maybe he wanted to defy authority that is why he started john ferraro university of kansas diary, or maybe How to write an A Study of Alcohol Consumption Among College Students after the New Legal Drinking A fell in love in a.

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