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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 3:08:18 PM

Engineer resume writing of “we real cool” essays Analysis of “WE REAL COOL” “We Real Cool” is a very unique and nicely done work of poetry. The author Gwendolyn Brooks does a very nice job of having this poem flow off the tongue easily and also makes the poem very easy to read. Brooks also has a few very direct and influential message in the context of the poem. The messages and, likewise, the poem engineer resume writing made to appeal to young African Americans in the late 1960’s during the struggle for African-American civil rights. Brooks expresses the problems and also the dangers which affected the young African-American community in the poem as a way to help the youth realize the ways of their problems and change themselves for the good of the community and most importantly themselves. The content in this poem is directed Need help with scholarship essay youth in the 1960’s. Jazz was the popular music of the time in the African-American community, and slang words were used in the content of the songs and likewise in the common language of young African-American youth. Also the way the poem is written is a way Need help with scholarship essay get the young black youth to read in the late 1960’s. The poem is very easy to oxford university debate israel vs hamas images engineer resume writing has a catchy almost musical flow. This was easier for the youth to read because many had little or no formal education, and the ones who were able to go to schools did not receive the education that their white peers did. Likewise, the music African-American youth listened to was more engineer resume writing the poem also. Smooth, catchy rhymes from dizzy Gillespie and Louie Armstrong were chosen over more intense lyrics from white rock bands like the Beatles. Lyrics from Louie Armstrong like these from Blueberry hill (I found my thrill) Come climb the hill with engineer resume writing, baby(on Blueberry Hill) We'll see what we shall see (on Blueberry Hill) I'll bring my horn with me (when I found you) I'll be with you where berries are blue(the moon stood still) Each afternoon we'll go(on Blueberry Hill) Higher than the moo.

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